Friday, September 7, 2012

5 Minutes with Megan

While Courtney and I are very alike in many ways, we are also drastically different in others (like… DRASTICALLY!). So, here goes…

** Some of my favorite pastimes include music (listening to and researching), hot yoga (kind of addicted), reading fashion blogs, Michigan State sports and eating lime Tostidos (most definitely addicted).

** Then there are the obvious things I like to do: reading, spending time with friends and family, shopping, blah blah blah. What girl doesn’t? More to come on these topics in future posts.

** My not-so-cool pastimes include re-watching TV shows over and over (cough **FRIENDS** COUGH), organizing anything and everything, sorting out Skittles by color and napping on a Sunday afternoon (after a bottle of champagne… CLINK!).

** My dream job would be to work for a record label in New York City to book new talent. Being paid to go see underground/unsigned/up and coming artists would be a dream come true!

** I’m a vegetarian, although I occasionally cheat on a bite of bacon here and there. My boyfriend, Max, is a VERY good cook and sometimes I can’t resist.

Other than that, more will be revealed in time! My sister will be revealing more about her individuality (written more eloquently than mine I must admit…).

TAG! You’re it, Court J

For this Friday afternoon, I leave you with 5 things that are currently inspiring me, making me smile, laugh or simply put me in a better mood. This is something I hope to continue every Friday afternoon, an idea I got from my favorite blog, cupcakes and cashmere.

(My most favorite antique find from a couple of weeks ago)

(New skirt that I plan to pair with a tucked in white button-up)

(New ring from Etsy that is on it's way, engraved with an M)

(New iPad case made from a burlap bag)

(New Michigan State T-Shirt I can't wait to sport at the MSU vs. Notre Dame football tailgates next weekend)

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