Monday, October 5, 2015

52 Hand Lettered – September 2015

“making me happy right now” = Purses… keychains…pictures… MEMORIES
Everything remind me of Europe! #TAKEMEBACK

“things on a rainy day” = Nachos. Blankets. Netflix. Bar Cart. Fat Cat. 
Cannot think of anything else needed to be nestled inside on a rainy day. Nachos = the ultimate comfort food, blankets… duh, Netflix and Bar Cart… duh, and Fat Cat is my ultimate cuddly buddy (a stuffed animal Max surprised me with one day because he said it looks like the cat that I want in real life…).

“advice for my 13 year old self” = be outgoing and be kind… always
Enough said.

“currently drinking” = Homemade Pom Peche

My favorite martini from Bar Louie. I had a craving one day and instead of driving to busy 28th Street on  Friday night, Max said he could duplicate the drink… he was right!

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