Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Instagram Life – September 2015

I can’t believe September is over. 2015 is zooming and I want it to slow down. I’m not ready for the dead of Winter. Just. Not. Ready! September was great though. Always the month that kick starts fall, but also the month where the last bits of Summer weather linger and you want nothing more than to take advantage of laid back warm & sunny nights!

** MSU Season Kick off In Kazoo
** Snuggle time is the best kinda time
** New Tennies!
** His and Her Cocktails
** Kissing Max from a wedding in Grand Haven
** Runway on Wealthy fashion show
** Beautiful knockout roses. I can’t believe how much they have grown since we first planted them
** Wine Club #16 – Malbec
** Political dancing one uneventful Friday night

October brings on busy times! Max and my second anniversary weekend, Michigan vs. Michigan State weekend, a quick trip to Tampa then a long weekend in New York. Every October seems busy (especially when I try to squeeze in my annual bucket lists), but this one I’m especially looking forward to!  

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