Wednesday, October 14, 2015

MSU Evans Scholars 60th Anniversary Celebration

Last weekend I represented the Max and me at the 60th Anniversary banquet held for the MSU Chapter of the Evans Scholarship. The event was held at the Huntington Club in Spartan Stadium Saturday evening and was a great excuse to get my butt back to campus. Luckily, I had many Evans Scholars in my major senior year, which means we all had class together… so needless to say Max was not the only one I knew. I was excited to get back to MSU with some of my favorite people from my college years and hit the town in our best.

We hit up a few of our local watering holes from back in the day then it was off to the banquet. The food sucked, and it was a cash bar, but you can’t beat that company. The Evans Scholarship is a great foundation and I’m lucky it exists for many reasons. The rest of the evening was back to pretending we were in college. Watching the game at The Riv (BARELY pulled that one off boys.. phew), then braving the crowds at Ricks. What did I learn this weekend…? I’m not in college anymore. And I’m ok with that.

Funny Side Note: I was not on all of the emails that went to the Scholars regarding the event, so I was unaware that dressy/business casual had shifted to “wear your best MSU tailgating polo”. But no worries, I rocked the purple velvet tutu proudly! 

{creepy eyed snapchat}


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  1. Wow - in that "creepy eye snapchat" you look exactly like Courtney. Beautiful, stunning!!