Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Five!

{dinner dates with team FIM always break up my week – tried out a new bistro in Ada… so in love}

What a wonderful week. A week filled with grilling and the outdoors and yoga and reading and dinner dates with friends. I love weeks like this. Weeks where there are activities to look forward to every day but ones that don’t require you to be constantly on the move. Weeks where sitting on the couch and simply asking your significant other how their day was turns into an event. Weeks where you let everything go and simply decide to live in the moment. This is what the summer (life…) is supposed to be.

I have a visitor tomorrow! My friend from Kalamazoo is coming to Grand Rapids and we’re going shopping for her bridesmaid dress for my wedding. Then, hopefully enjoying some sunshine before hitting the downtown night life. She just got back from a three week vacation in Australia visiting her fiancé (their wedding date is one week after Max and mine!). I’m SO excited to hear all of her stories and see pictures from her outback adventure! Sunday will be peacefully spent in Kalamazoo with family for Fathers Day. Perfect.

Friday Forte: TakeCare – City and Colour (I downloaded their new album the moment I woke up on its release date last week)

{dainty touches that I can’t wait to use for a bachelorette party I’m throwing later this summer}

{enjoying the outdoors while working. LOVE our new Corporate Office and our balcony access}

{love love loving my angry squirrel shirt}

{delicious coconut macaroon + coffee to brighten an otherwise foggy morning}

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