Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Okay, so it may not be Monday, but I'm on vacation, so the days are sort of running together.
I've put the Monday Motivators on pause during my brief summer break, but I failed to warn anyone that I was doing it.
Sorry about that.

There are plenty of other people out there trying to stay positive and inspired from Monday to Friday, so as Meggie said, I "owe the world some Monday Motivators".

This week, there's plenty keeping me going...

Looking at pictures and reminiscing about last weekend's successful bridal shower.

 I had SO much fun preparing the food and flowers for the event.

 Farewell Happy Hour with a friend who is moving to Brazil for 2 years. This place is in an area of New Orleans I didn't even know existed! It's such an awesome atmosphere...you absolutely must check out the gallery on their website. 

I'm also spending my time off of work to spend doing what I really love...

 Playing with the two coolest, cutest pups in the world. 

[Bonus: Found this pic on my mom's computer! 
Apple and I the day we got her. Look at all of those rolls!]

Reading a book that doesn't have to do with education. 

This one next. 
It's been sitting on my shelf, waiting for me since Christmas.

I'm a MAD WOMAN in the kitchen this week! Inspiration from my adorable future brother-in-law, coupled by an indulgent trip to the produce section, I'm trying loads of new and/or improved recipes. Hopefully I'll get a chance to try some of them out over the Fourth of July weekend with friends.

One more week of vacation and then the new job begins! 
*This could be the one!*

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