Monday, June 10, 2013

Indie Film Weekend

We're officially on summer break!! It's off to a great start. 

So far, I've spent my weekend...
*Driving from NOLA to the Chicago suburbs...during said 17 hour drive, I listened to 2 audiobooks--one embarrassingly horrible, one amazing.
*Enjoying a yummy lunch with my best friend and her adorable, happy-as-a-clam 8 month-old son.
*Stuffing my face at a Mexican restaurant with some old friends & then watching the Chicago Blackhawks secure a spot in the Stanley Cup finals.
*Running every day in blissfully non-humid Midwest weather.
*Making time to read my book (and researching the next one I'll read).
*Ordering my BRIDESMAIDS DRESS for Meggie's wedding!! 

Finally, I've noticed a theme in the past 3 days as I lounge around the "burbs" without a care in the world: Indie Films. 

I'm a huge fan.  I do enjoy the comedies, but I'm drawn to the dramas. The musical scores, other great music finds and ambiguous endings make for a full days'work.  Namely, once you've finished the movie (watching certain parts 2-3 times over), you hop onto Google to read other people's interpretations of the ending and then spend $25 on new music from iTunes. 

I've watched three dramas so far, so I think I'll pick a comedy next. 

The lead actress, Felicity Jones, is just gorgeous to me. 

If you've ever been in love, your heart actually hurts when you 
watch this movie. You physically feel how they feel. 
All you want in the whole world is for Anna & Jacob to be together. 

Next up...

Yes, that's Pam from The Office--AKA, Jenna Fischer.  
Major babe Chris Messina co-stars. Ever notice that you may see an actor over and over again as a supporting actor in a mainstream film 
and never notice...and then you see them in a life-altering Indie 
film and then you're obsessed? 
Just me then. I develop a new crush each time.

Finally, I RE-watched a film I saw years ago that offered a bunch of new music I love.

Yes, you see another star from The Office, John Krasinski. I don't plan these things...but is it so hard to believe that an actor from an awesome show would be cast in an awesome movie? Hello!

He's such a doll.

I'm pretty sure what I love most about these 3 movies is that the couples in them are--relatively speaking--so normal

They're honest people with real problems, yet the love each other so, SO painfully much. I think that's all anyone really wants, which is why it's so enjoyable to spend 90 minutes at a time with these characters. 

Please watch these movies...they're all on instant streaming on Netflix, 
so no waiting! 

Then, you must instantly check out the soundtracks to these movies. 
Other than the *beautiful* score to Like Crazy, look for these artists: 
  • Alexi Murdoch
  • Figurine
  • Fool's Gold
  • Stars
  • The Mary Onettes

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