Sunday, June 30, 2013

Homemade Doggie Feast

This morning was not the most shining moment in my puppy parenthood. I realized the pups' food ran out after feeding them dinner last night and the store--the only store--that sells the kids' food didn't open until NOON today.

Yea...It's not cool to starve your dogs until lunch time. 

 So, I threw a couple of chicken breasts on the grill and got to work, preparing a healthy, homemade Sunday morning feast for my baby bulldogs. 

 To be on the safe side, I chose not to season the meat at all. (Contrary to the MANY recipes I found online for homemade dog food). 

 Steamed some veggies for a bit.

 Tossed the veggies with the chicken...

 Added some raw celery for a nice crunch (I know they're not critics, but I had to be creative in my preparation!)

The Cheerios are in there for two reasons: 
1) I wanted to add a bit of carbs, but didn't want to add rice & 
2) It just looks cuter, doesn't it? 
Rather than something I'd feed myself for dinner. 

 [Here, the babies are waiting for grandma to drop 
something as she cooks...] 

In the end, they loved their breakfast. Honestly, they would have eaten anything, in any combination & with any consistency.  That's why I didn't throw it in a blender...what's the point?! It was gone in about 25 seconds. 

[They've really got this syncronized begging thing down pat]

For a hot second I really did consider doing this from now on, but I think it would get old--and expensive--after awhile. That doesn't mean we can't treat them to a human feast on special occasions though! 

I had a blast cooking for someone other than myself or my husband; and this concept opens up a whole new branch of culinary creativity!!  

[uuumm, new hobby??] 

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