Tuesday, June 18, 2013

So Long, Race T's!

In an effort to clean out the closets and dressers here in our tiny condo, I've decided to keep only a few of my race t-shirts for future use.

[Side note: I promise I don't just sign up for these races for the t-shirts!]

Just under half of the T's so far have come in the microfiber, sweat-wicking material that is great for my weekday runs. Those will remain in tact, and because I can't seem to totally part with the other ones, I'm going to make something out of them.  

What I will likely do is make a really thin quilt that I'll give to the doggies or something; the shirts won't be shirts anymore, but the memories will remain. I think I'll cut the them into rectangles where the event logo/information is centered, and then just start sewing away!

So, as I am about to sign up for my next race (a 3 mile, super hot, super sweaty trail run 3 weeks from now which, truth be told, sounds like it should be offering a dirty dish rag as a shirt), let's review the race shirts I've aquired so far: 

[My very first road race: 8K in Downtown Chicago, April 2011]

[My very first race in New Orleans: 5K in December 2011]

[9K starting at Old Spanish Fort and ending at Jackson Square in the French Quarter: January 2012]

[Super boring scenery: 10K along the levee tracing the Mississippi River. February 2012]

[Not shown: Run Forrest, Run 5K in the French Quarter, April 2012]

[First race of this season: September 2012]

[October 2012. Another boring 5K route on a levee, not a great time, but a race is a race and I LOVE this t-shirt]

[This shirt explains it all]

[November 2012. Thanksgiving Day 5 mile run. It felt so great to chow down that night. This will definitely be an annual thing for me]

[December 2012: MY FIRST HALF MARATHON!! My very first NOLA race was the 5K version of this event the year before.  
This is the race I wouldn't shut up about all fall. I'm still debating whether or not to run it this December]

[9K in January 2013. We've come to a repeat race again. The pink shirt was the first Jackson Day race I ran. This year the day was FREEZING COLD & WET, but ended with a piping hot coffee & beignets in the French Quarter, so it was way worth the misery]

[February 2013. Another repeated event]

[February 2013.
Simple, even boring 5K, but this is still my personal record @ 24:30]

[February or March (?) 2013. Last minute decision. Woke up that morning and decided to run it. Beautiful day. Great race.]

[May 2013. 5K through a cemetery with my friend from LA]

[Most recent race to date: May 2013. 
Super fun (& funny) 5K I ran with my baby sister!]


Finally, when I go to our local Varsity Sports to purchase new running shoes, they always give you a free t-shirt. Since those shoes contribute to my success at races, I consider them part of this bunch! 

Stay tuned for progress on this weird project I'm working on with the scraps of the leftover, less desirable tees. 

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