Monday, June 17, 2013

Urban Roots

I've clearly focused much of my vacation time & energy into my plants; my gardens, urban oasis, my outdoor retreat, why not talk about my sources?

Home Depot has played a large part in this, as has the home of my Chicago-bound pals...but I'd also like to give a shout out to the place VERY near to my home that inspires me and leaves me reaching higher with every visit.

I've been considering my own Magnolia tree.  

It's not the state tree of Louisiana, the Bald Cypress is (actually, the Magnolia is the state tree of Mississippi), but I think it'd be pretty special to bring an icon of the South back home with me. That is, I think a Magnolia would likely survive in Chicago better than a citrus tree...that'll require some research.

 [Bald Cypress @ Audubon Park]

[Monkey showcasing the "knees" of a Bald Cypress]

What?! This thing is nuts! 

Who wouldn't walk through this super hip entrance?

I love that these are their "junk succulents" that they've just decided to stick outside along the curb of their front door. 

You always find a reason to go home with a new ceramic pot. 

Everyone who works at Urban Roots is extremely cool & helpful. They're always game to talk plants with me and, rather than giving me a judgmental look when I show them a photo of my plants on my phone, they whip out their own cell and show me pics of their plants!! 

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