Monday, July 1, 2013

Instagram Life - June Edition

As you know, I like lists. I love lists. I love the organization of lists, I love the simplicity of lists and I love the closure they can bring. Lists can be a to-do list, a list of your favorite things, a list of Pro’s and Con’s. Lists can also serve as a recap. Wrapped up in a bow. 

So, I am starting a monthly recap in the form of Instagram photos. An Insta-Cap if you will. I’ve seen this done before, and really enjoy how one’s month can be described in just a few photos, that, for lack of better words “say it all”. Especially in a year when Max and I have such a jam packed schedule, filled with major life events, I want to be able to look back and sum up our months at a glace. There is too much in 2013 (and life period) to risk forgetting any of it!

With that being said, here is June in Instagrams!

v  Our first experience with Harmony brewing – their Grapefruit IPA is a close second to Perrin

v  How I Met Your Mother + Wine

v  Pool time and cheers to celebrate closing

v  Coffee with Court before heading to work

v  Seeing the “SOLD” sign was such a great (and terrifying) feeling

v  Some of my favorite ladies at my bridal shower. I have the most amazing friends and family!!

v  Leftover cupcakes from the Bridal Shower that I decided to use tricking people into thinking I may have a bun in the oven. Some were fooled! Made for a very eventful day at work.

v  White Caps!

v  Already having so much fun with this little man. He can already CRAWL! They really do grow up fast…

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