Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Beer Garden – The Soundtrack of my Summer

This is sort of like an extension to “My Kinda Seasonal – Summer Music Guide” but I don’t care. While this music does remind me of the summer, it is a very special list specific to the summer of 2013. I still love my Bob Marley, Jack Johnson and country music (when boating), but this music describes the endless nights of being a fiance and truly enjoying this awesome city we call home.

Whether it’s Indie, Hippie, Rock, Folk, Alternative, Acoustic… I love it all. Especially when it’s live!Even if I didn't hear these songs for the first time this summer, I seem to be migrating back to this type of music day in day out.

Our summer bucket list included listening to a lot of music. So, naturally, I have to include some of the “beer garden” type music I've heard, along with music I look forward to hearing live, and other tunes that simply make me want to relax in a beer garden and let the lyrics transport me to my own personal happy place.

7. Blue Skies – Desert Noises
9. I Will Wait – Mumford & Sons (if ONLY I was able to get 3 day tickets to Lolla)
10. Tell Me You Love Me – Desert Noises

There are so many amazing places to experience live music in Grand Rapids, more than I would have thought. I can’t wait to discover more music through all of the avenues available in the coming months! So far I’ve enjoyed visiting Pyramid Scheme, Lolla, Founders, and GRBC. I can not wait to check out Back 40 and The Intersection.

Have a happy and safe 4th of July

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