Monday, July 29, 2013

Monday Motivators!

[Different face than last week, but I still get that same 
warm, fuzzy feeling inside when I look at my boy...look at that expression]

This Monday, and the next few to follow, will feel slightly different from the last. Every few days, more and more of our students are entering school.  Last week, it was just 2nd grade (of those that I work directly with) today was first grade and Wednesday is  PreK and kindergarten!!  

This stagger start is planned for several reasons, the biggest of which is  to solidify a strong student culture.  This is when the kids get to know the rules and procedures of the school and their classrooms. Put simply: teachers are setting the norms of behavior.  A successful school is a highly structured school.   Much energy goes into this, so a steady progression is smart. 

In addition to the mounting number of little scholars being added to my life each day, the following things are charging me up for a strong week...

1. I attended a yoga class today at my gym! They hold classes every Monday and Thursday. For now, I plan to go each Monday, and hopefully work my way up to adding Thursday's INTERMEDIATE class. Today, I successfully held crane pose for about 15 seconds!! Huge feat!!! 

2. I'm traveling to Baton Rouge on Thursday for a training session for a reading grant our school just got. Breaks in the week like this are always nice.  

3. I got a NEW PHONE!! Finally got on the iPhone bandwagon and am now 100% Apple.  I can't even imagine how or why I didn't have this phone before. 


4. I got to show off my new necklace at a birthday party last weekend...looking forward to many more outings with this piece from Francescas.  


Make it a fantastic week!! 

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