Monday, July 8, 2013

A Little Goes a Long Way...

I love long weekends. I love the holidays. I love the summer. I love the 4th of July. This weekend couldn't have been more fun and relaxing. Just what the doctor ordered. I arrived at work this morning with a clear mind, fresh outlook, and new found sense of dedication and motivation that, honestly, I haven't felt in a while.

The feeling I had (have) reminded me of a book I read a few years back and proceeded to suggest to everyone who I thought would understand it's benefit. How Full is Your Bucket. Such a great read. I truly did feel a "full bucket" today. When your "bucket" is full or overflowing, you do use that metaphorical ladle and fill others bucket in return. This is an amazing way to perceive life and feeling "full" in life only means greatness for me and everyone around me. 

It really is the little things that can make a difference. I was reminded of this yet again this morning while going through my daily blog reads and saw the latest from Sincerely Kinsey. Her Words of Kindness post is like her very own version of "Pay it Forward". And it spoke to me. Plain and simple, how much do you love compliments? Quite a lot, right? Even if it is something small, it's flatering and most definitely puts a smile on your face (you know it's true). We pass by countless strangers on a daily basis, never saying a word. What if you were to take time out of your day to say something nice, that you're already thinking, out loud to another person. This afternoon, I took the post to heart and told a co-worker from an outside department that I loved her dress (it really was SO cute! Mint maxi, ahhhhhh). Honestly, her genuine response made my day! Just imagine if there were more of that in the world.

Anyways, rant over! Cheers to the high continuing and Max and my theme song of the holiday weekend constantly on our playlist rotation throughout this amazing summer: Paul Simon - You Can Call Me Al

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