Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday Five!

{Latvian phrase meaning “I love you” that I learned from an old friend many years ago… it’s stuck with me and now it will stick with everyone at the Funky Buddha}

I started out this week feeling very… anxious. I found myself lying in bed on Sunday night unable to fall asleep. At all. I might have gotten 2 hours, tops. My mind was racing with all things that needed to be done. Things for bachelorette parties or showers I’m throwing or helping to host, presents to buy, flights to book, hotels to book, and all the little things we still have to finalize with our own wedding (less than 3 months to go!). But mostly, I was thinking about our pending move (oh yeah, and work... but we won't go there). All very exciting, obviously, but also very overwhelming. Packing, cleaning, transferring bills, countless address changes, getting in contact with the owners about EVERYTHING regarding our house, etc etc. The list goes on and on. So… I coped the only way I knew how. I started a mental list of things that need to be done between now and our honeymoon in January (if I wasn’t lazy I would have sat at my desk and written it all down right then and there… but let’s be honest, it was 3am). The minute I got to work on Monday morning I sectioned off places in my planner and went to town. I wrote down every little thing that I could think of that needed to be done for all events. I even started a list of home improvement projects that we’ve discussed or things we need to purchase in the coming months (like a kitchen table!), and I know the list will only triple once we’re actually moved in.

At times like this, lists are the only thing that keep me sane, and, just as I expected I would, slept like a rock on Monday night. Sometimes just knowing that you all tasks laid out right in front of you is enough to put your mind at ease… temporarily.

 Ok. Rant over. Moral of the story… I love lists.

 This weekend the packing starts! Max and I are moving in our home one week from tomorrow and there is SO much that needs to be done. You’ve all moved… you know how it goes!! I tried clearing some stuff out this week to lessen the load. Things like my desk, closet, our kitchen, storage on our deck and anything else where I thought we could part with some belongings and not be phased. I didn’t get very far, but working on it. We have a lot of stuff… woof! I also hope to visit the Funky Junk Flea Market tomorrow. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to add anymore “stuff”, but this particular market is only open one Saturday each month in the summer months and I would be crazy not to take advantage. I’ll be psyched if I find some eclectic end tables, or vintage frames for our gallery wall, or any other hidden treasure that will make our home unique and special to us (at a reasonable price). We may even go “floating” down the Thornapple River. Oh summers in Michigan… xoxo

Friday Forte: Breathe– Angels & Airwaves (I’ve listened to this album for years but this song spoke to me this week… gorgeous)

{mimoa sipping & party planning}

{apparently cream blush is better than powder in the summer months… so far I would have to agree}

{candy from Holland that I’ve been eating every night for desert}

{gladiator shoes + mint toes}

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  1. Great song choice this the lyrics. The songs on that album are all pretty romantic. I hope you and Max enjoy your last "free" weekend for awhile!!!