Monday, July 1, 2013

Monday Motivators!

Happy Monday!! Happy JULY!

As I woke at a normal-ish time this morning in preparation for the reality of full time work next Monday, I've had a pleasantly FULL day to consider all I have keeping me going this week...


The last few days have been unseasonably UNhumid.  The mercury still touches 90 each day, but without that iron-heavy blanket of moisture weighing you down, it's easier to trot along outside. Craving fresh air, I've taken advantage twice this week....I know this won't last long.

The arrival of our new ottoman is getting me even more excited for the new couch that will soon follow (ETA: Mid August). 

 My new gym just added a single treadmill to the special ladies workout area on the lower level. Not only is it brand new, it's totally secluded from the chaos of the main cardio room! This will be useful as I am forced to the treadmill most days in the hot summer months.

Meggie already introduced me to this band, but I heard this particular song while driving 
to Target with Hubby the other day. 
Thank you Alt Nation on XM radio!
 And thank you music guru baby sister!

This is the last full week of summer break before starting my NEW JOB! I've been doing a bit of light reading to get my mind ready...
I am so ready for this! 

For the Fourth of July, my husband & I will, without a doubt, make the trek to Whole Foods for lots of great meats & veggies to grill. 

Make it a great week, everyone!  

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  1. Umm LOVE the ottoman!! Can't wait to see your new couch.

    If only you were going to Lolla with me.. Ms Mr is one of the bands.

    Miss you!! Facetime Sunday? Ok cool :)