Thursday, July 18, 2013

Friday Five!

{lolla tickets finally arrived!!}

This week has gone by S.L.O.W. The anticipation of moving is killing me. Another thing killing me… P90X! I’ve done it off and on with the “GFS Fit Club” crew since last November, but never the actual program. We would mostly create our own circuits, go running or do Insanity. But starting this past Monday, we are officially in the midst of the 90-DayChallenge. I’m already so sore, but it will be worth it come October 4th J

Tomorrow is D-Day!! Moving weekend has finally arrived and I’m more excited than ever! I’ve been looking forward to this for weeks… MONTHS… and it’s finally here! Our apartment is in a state of pure chaos, but I would rather that than have no chaos at all (that would mean we weren’t packing!). It’s so weird to think that we will only be sleeping in our first apartment together one more time. We have made this our little home for 2 years. It’s where we’ve daydreamed about our future. It’s where we’ve celebrated promotions. It’s where we became an engaged couple. It’s where we became a family. So excited for this next chapter!

Today I am taking a half day and trying to clean and move as much as I can (even with the storm front headed our way, eeek)! The more “stuff” moved today, the more we can focus on getting furniture moved as quickly as possible tomorrow (I also have my first official bridal fitting this afternoon!). Tonight, I’m actually taking a little break from the madness. My friend, Sara, is crashing at our apartment (if you can even call it that anymore…) before she flies out of the Grand Rapids airport early Saturday morning for work. She and I plan on celebrating, everything, downtown over dinner, a few cocktails and catch-up conversation.

Friday Forte: Royals– Lorde (don’t know what it is about this song… perfect for summer)

{catch up time with my Latvian friend}

{celebrating momma’s Birthday at Winchester}

{the last Sunday dinner we’ll ever have at our first home}

{thrifty find}

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