Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday Five!

Getting the home up and around as much as possible in just 6 days

So I still don't have Internet connection. I've been told it won't be hooked up until next Friday! Boo. No Netflix and minimal blogging (besides iPhone updates that I don't really know how to format) this week. It's amazing how we get into routines and when those routines are disrupted how discombobulated one can feel. 

Anywho, since I'm typing this on my phone I'm gonna keep it short :) This week has been great. Getting organized in the house, and cleaning is definitely a task. A large one. But it's coming along and I can't wait to share pictures of the place when it's ready. 

This weekend we are continuing the nesting process. Every little bit helps (cant wait to get my shower gifts all unpacked)! We may take a break this evening and hit up the Twisted Bull now that we are so close. My parents are coming up tomorrow and I'm gonna put them to work.... Somehow... Sunday we're talking about going blueberry picking at Sandy Bottom Berries in Rockford and maybe check out Rockford Brewing. Just a normal weekend ;) 

Have a wonderful weekend! 

Friday Forte: Internet Friends - Knife Party (wackiest song ever! Awesome for a run... Parental discretion advised!) 

Sushi dinner with an old friend last weekend at my favorite downtown bar, Rockwell! 

The amount of visitors and food we got was unreal! If I would have known this I would have moved into a house a long time ago.

Enjoying a nice cocktail with Momma last Friday before my first bridal fitting :)

Organizing clothes (some new :)) and enjoying my fav new beer 


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