Monday, February 4, 2013

Domestic Daydreaming

                                                                 {office love}

Recently, I can’t help but daydream about Max and my future home. We have no idea where it will be, how many square feet, 1 story or 2, or any other details yet. All we know is that it will be ours and will be filled with knick-knacks and memories that are special to us, our past and our future. Discussing the ideal (and realistic) first home is a fun conversation. We each have our must-have’s, nice-to-have’s, and REALLY nice-to-have’s. His list includes a large basement, a garden and awesome kitchen. My list includes a fantastic closet and somewhere I can re-create my cozy office space now (champagne room, blog-spot, purple palace…). Both of us dream of having a garage (hopefully not a dream) and some sort of patio or deck.

Just like our apartment now, we don’t have one common theme throughout the entire household, nor do we want to. Each room tells a different story, and I look forward to decorating our future home with this same thought process in mind. One day, maybe sooner than we think, our dreams will come true. In the meantime, here are some images that have me daydreaming about our domestic future:

{dining room love}

{kitchen love}

{living room love 1 & 2 from here}

{bedroom love}

{bathroom love}

{mancave love}

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