Monday, February 11, 2013

I Love Friday's...!

{hilarious beer tap at HopCat}


As I mentioned here, Max and I took the day off this past Friday. We had a couple of obligations in the morning then decided to head downtown for lunch here. Since they are so new that they don't open until 3, we had some time to kill. End of story.

I decided to keep a photo diary of our day... WARNING: Many pictures to follow. 

{crack fries at HopCat... the BEST food EVER}

{hard cider and yummy beer at HopCat}

{we still had a little time to kill before 3 so stopped by another fave}

{I personally think the boy should join their members club}

{we are an hour early for their weekday special, buy one beer get a free sausage! max was salivating uncontrollably}

{passed yet another hour with this delicious flight... my favorite is the Blondie}

{amazing deal}

{started off the festivities with the Drunken Kielbasa + Smoked Polish Sausage}

{next up... the Spicy Chorizo, generously given to us by our new friends at the bar}

{why not try all four!? last but not least, we tried the Duck which was accompanied by amazing orange marmalade}

{something I was dying for the second I laid my eyes on it... Salted Caramel pudding! the bar tender just had to give us a sample... there are no words...}

{another gift from our extremely friendly new bar friends... champagne cupcake for breast cancer awareness}

{oops... we just had to stop by our original downtown favorite where the Woodstini just happened to be on special... BONUS it's a Michigan State bar!}

{why wouldn't I take a picture of this?!}



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