Wednesday, February 6, 2013

BB Cream Phenomenon

As mentioned in this post, I recently started using all/most beauty products strictly through Sephora. Since I’m not so lucky to have perfect enough skin to wear any old product from the drugstore, I’ve come to learn the benefits of nicer quality makeup, which I strongly believe is worth the investment. 

Makeup is ever evolving. The trends are constantly changing, there is always a new fad and always a new “better than ever” product introduced into the market. The most recent fad is BB Cream = Beauty Balm. This item has come roaring over from Asia and is all the rage in the Western markets (apparently they are the secret to the Korean actresses?). This product is said to replace your moisturizer, primer, serum, foundation and sunblock, and in some cases, bronzer, basically, it’s an all-in-one miracle cream.

I decided to check this out and SO happy that I did. This stuff is no joke! I am currently using the Garnier version, mainly because I wanted to try out the fad but not spend Sephora level prices… yet. I must say if I continue seeing the benefits of this product as much as I already am (I bought this 2 weeks ago), I might have to invest in some of the other brands that I’ve heard so much about.

Here are some other BB Cream brands I’ve heard rave reviews on:

P.S. I also found a life changing thermal protectant spray (EXTREMELY helpful given that I have to dry and straighten everyday in the winter). I also swear by Moroccan Oil for dry hair application to get rid of the frizzies.

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