Saturday, February 9, 2013

Family Bracelet

For quite some time now I've had my eyes on the gold necklace worn by Tina Fey in one of my favorite shows, 30 Rock, whose series just concluded last week. 

Liz Lemon, Fey's character, always wore two L charms for her name. Initially I was going to just get a C, for myself, and then it turned to a C and an H (for my husband) and then I got all mother-y and mushy and decided I wanted to include my "kid's" initial. 

Postponing such self-indulgant gifts, as I tend to do, Meggie swooped in and got me the bracelet version as a Christmas gift for me. What a love. It was an extremely heartfelt gift and, though I didn't shed literal tears, I was overtaken with emotion.

When Meg made the purchase, she of course didn't know yet that we'd be showing up Christmas Eve with a new puppy, let alone what we'd name her, so she ordered and mailed me the "A" a few weeks later.

Since then, I've decided that my new (daily) look would include multiple dainty gold bracelets. I logged on to Etsy and went a bit nuts. 
I added a second chain, the simple, plain gold bracelet shown above. 

Then came bracelet #3, holding a single green stone....

...and then, loving the simple style, I got a necklace with a champagne colored stone to complete my set. 

My, oh my. 

I may not be a (clothing) fashionista like my sister, but I do love my jewelry! 

Here's the crew that adornes my wrist each day. The initials keep my family's names close by at all times: 

Courtney, Jackson, Apple, & Hector

So, what was once a singular idea, copied from a TV, show has tuned into a full blown addiction. 

Thanks, Tina. 

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