Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday Five!

{have the biggest urge to open the window and break them down}

Today Max and I have an impromptu day off and WE couldn’t be more pumped! We’ve been trying for months to take a day off together for no particular reason, and this week it finally worked out. Not sure everything we’re going to do, but I have a feeling his Christmas present will be purchased (it’s not my fault if he never told me anything he wanted), we’ll have a celebratory cocktail or two and just treat the day as an overall “Adult Snow Day” (that clearly we had to declare for ourselves).

Tomorrow my Mom is coming to Grand Rapids to go wedding dress shopping with me J I’ve never once tried on a wedding dress and am more excited than I can even express in writing! I’m guessing it’s not as glamorous as they show in the movies (picture champagne glass in hand), but I could care less.  The only thing missing will be my sissy! But we’ll be blowing up her phone with pictures of EVERY.SINGLE.ONE! Even the obnoxious ones I plan to try on for fun…

Friday Forte: Walkthe Moon – Anna Sun (this song is very appropriate given that we are growing out of our current apartment and are **gasp** discussing the possibility of home ownership!)

Here are 5 additional things that made me happy this week:

{leopard scarf}

{navy blue pedicure}

{special moments}

{Max’s way of saying he can’t believe things come in the mail for me every few days – he’s precious}

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