Monday, February 25, 2013

Blogging Generation - Part II

Ever since I posted this entry here, I've gotten even more obsessed with reading blogs in my pastime. I've found getting lost in these people's stories more enjoyable than movies (or watching TV shows on repeat). Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my own life more than I can even describe in words, but at my core I'm a daydreamer. Plain and simple. 

Since browsing Pinterest is up there with every girl in my generation, it's hard not to stumble upon new and interesting sites to peruse, whether you are looking for new recipes, workout routines, fashion tips, you can find everything on this highly addictive site. Recently I've found myself pinning from the "Women's Fashion" category more than anything. I've been having so much fun playing around with my wardrobe and am always looking for a new inventive way to recreate an old piece. 

Without further ado, here are my most favorite ladies that I like to catch up with on an, almost, daily basis (obviously along with my go-to girl Emily). All pics below are taken directly from their individual blogs:

This is just the cutest couple I’ve ever seen. She’s a model, he’s an actor. It’s technically a blog about fashion, her life and her interests, but there are many posts that incorporate things they do as a couple. Adorable.

I love to live vicariously through this awesome hipster couple. Between their home décor, her unique fashion sense (that I only wish I could pull off) and their adorable puppy, this blog has me coming back everyday.

I love referring to this blog for the latest and greatest in the fashion world (plus she's so damn pretty). She and her new husband have such a cute bond and go on some of the best trips... It's fun to take a peek into her life on a daily basis. 

I found this blog from Pinterest. There were many outfits pinned from her blog by various people. After I “re-pinned” my 4th outfit from this girl, I knew I had to follow her blog. Her style is (for the most part) affordable and I have such a fun time reading about her life. Everything from fashion, to food, to personal insights to life as a newlywed, there is a little bit of everything in her blog.
She actually happens to be friends with Sheridan Nicole from Blue Eyed Finch.

Love. This. Girl. Her blog is strictly outfit posts, and SO many of her pieces are very affordable (lots of things from Target, ASOS and Forever 21). This blog definitely gives me inspiration to occasionally be a little edgier, and have so much fun mixing and matching things that I never thought would have gone together in the past, but all the while make sure I'm true to the classics.

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