Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday Motivators!

P O O F! 

We've already rounded the corner to another new week.

I suspect the next 7 days will fly by just as quickly because I've got a jam-packed schedule this week: 3 different after school events and 
boat-loads of deadlines during the days.  Plus my students have a lot of tests to take, and Thursday concludes quarter 3 of the school year.

Just ticking away the weeks until students are out in mid May. 

While I won't likely even need to rely on external factors to get me through my work week, I have plenty of things making me smile. 

The following motivators are charging me up this Monday morning:

I made a fresh loaf of banana bread for the teachers on my team
 so they can start their week on a sweet note.

Still daydreaming about my city.

LOVING having a spinning bike in the apartment. 

For busy weeks like this one, pedaling & sweating serves as a great stress releaser. I can read or watch Netflix while I'm on the bike, and then I'm just steps away from shower and bed. 
Super convenient.

It's always nice to fix dinner in a tidy kitchen. 
I've been gradually shifting things around in our kitchen to create a simpler, more user-friendly space.

 Latest revision: I did away with the pre-packaged spice rack. 
Now I have only clean jars filled with fresh versions of spices we 
actually cook with. 

Simple, classy work outfit. I wear this with tall black boots or ballet flats. 

New dress. Extremely comfortable, therefore perfect for my job of running up and down school hallways all day.

Teacher grading & professional development day this Friday. 
Which means: NO STUDENTS!!  

Days like this allow so much time to catch up on planning and preparation.  I also really enjoy them because the teachers and I can focus on collaboration and vertical planning (planning across the grade levels) without the distraction of students. 
PD days are very productive--
and they're usually followed by a more crowded happy hour. 

My next race is this Saturday, March 1st. 
To be honest, I'm pretty pumped that it's just a 5K. 
No stress, just fun. It's also on a route I've never run on, so I'm looking forward to the scenery.

Make it a great week!

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