Monday, September 23, 2013

Monday Motivators!

Michigan on my mind...

[High five to 12 more days until Meggie & Max's wedding! ]

It's hard to think of anything but Meggie's upcoming wedding! Seemingly everything that is motivating me is somehow related to the big event:

1. Fall break is only 8 school days away. The start of fall break=Meg's wedding.
2. Going shopping for new red heels and perhaps some new earrings...aka the shoes & earrings I'll wear at Meg's wedding.
3. Taking little breaks in my day to look at Pintrest for hair ideas...aka the hair that I'll have at Meg's wedding AND items she's pinned for last minute details.
4. Less than two weeks until I'm up north again in the fall climate, visiting my family...up north in less than 2 weeks for Meg's wedding.
5. Just got fresh new highlights and will be giving myself a keratin treatment this beauty touches for Meg's wedding.

I could go on forever. I can't imagine how the BRIDE is feeling...such a happy time.

I did, sadly, miss out on her bachelorette party this past weekend, but I did everything in my power to try and feel like I was there.

 Face Time, champagne, and celebrating my beautiful sister. Clink! 

I was able to provide her "Something New" with this bracelet to wear on the big day. She's the clothes girl, I'm the jewelry girl. Now for her earrings...

I'm up to at least 2 nights of yoga each week now. 
During calmer weeks, I squeeze in a 3rd class. 

Race season kicks off this Saturday! I wouldn't even mind if it rained like it did at the same race last year. 
Perfect cooling agent during that finish line sprint. 

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