Monday, September 9, 2013

Monday Motivators!

[HAPPY BIRTHDAY, APPLE! She turns 1 this Thursday!]

Just another manic Monday...

I am so lucky for the life I have & the people who fill it. No matter how much the day-to-day tries to rule, I have so much that keeps me smiling! 

The following motivators are charging me up this week: 

[Family photos taped to the inside of my planner]

[Me time: Reading a trashy novel on the bike at home...and watching my babies play--or kiss each other]

[Meggie isn't my only music source. Thank you, Starbucks!]

[Apple is finally calming down. She found her spot on the new couch]

[Pretty view from the bike. This is how I've been starting most Friday mornings]

[Internet connection at the gym means Netflix while I work out]

Keep on movin', everyone! Make it a great week.

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