Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday Five!

{oh hey Fall!}

This week was busy, but I did not mind it. Throughout being engaged, I feel like I've had two times that my stress level has peaked. The first time was the week we were moving into our house (naturally) and the second time just a couple of weeks ago, when the countdown got to one month. Other than that, I've been feeling very Zen. Calm. Like I know that whatever goes wrong, things will just work out. Somehow. Cause they have to… The cake person can’t find my order? No biggie, we paid for it so they’ll make it happen whether they like it or not? People don’t have a hotel reservation? Sorry, I told you 50 times to book in advance and now you have to scramble. A groomsman is backing out? Oh well, we have backups or they don’t HAVE to be even (although I do like symmetry…). Simple things that usually would push me over the edge are rolling off the shoulders a little better. It’s Max and my wedding. It will be the best day. No matter what.

Now, watch, since I've said this all hell will probably break loose! Here’s to hoping it won’t! Clink!

My bachelorette party is this weekend! I could not ask for better friends to celebrate this milestone with. And, if the dance party is ANYTHING like Chicago, people are in for a treat. I also scheduled my practice up-do and makeup for tomorrow so I have an event to show it off. I’m slightly nervous for this, but hopefully all will look amazing and my mind will be put at ease for the big day (2 weeks!!). Court, I wish more than ANYTHING you were here. It won’t be the same without you!

But before that, tonight I’m attending the Wolverine Fashion Night Out hosted by my girl Tieka. Basically a night filled with bloggers (mostly fashion…not sure I qualify but I’ll go with it) and small boutique owners mingling with food and drinks at a local Grand Rapids winery, Reserve. Tieka hooked me up with some awesome (and EXPENSIVE) shoes that I get to style up with an outfit… then KEEP. It’s the LIFE I tell ya. I just hope I can do these shoes justice! BONUS: An old GFS colleague now works at Wolverine, so I’m looking forward to catching up with her at the event as well.

Friday Forte: Landfill– Daughter (perfect for the rainy work days we've been having)

{it’s time I grow up and learn to live with my ID and credit card NOT attached to my phone – easier to make the transition with this beauty!}

{ArtPrize is in full swing! An event I LOVE every year, despite the fact that it's throwing monkey wrenches in all sorts of wedding related plans; P.S. If you're in the area, make sure you vote for Maureen!!}

{farmers market mustard pretzel dip! The “healthier” version of my chips and salsa addiction}

{not a cute pic but hey, we got our marriage license!}

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