Thursday, September 5, 2013

Friday Five!

{kalamazoo friends visiting the new house – cheers to new homes, weddings and promotions}

This week has been rewarding. It’s amazing how regaining control (of your job… of your time… of your life!) can be like taking blinders off. All of a sudden it’s like solutions have been there all along, but it’s not until you've taken a step back that the answers are revealed. It’s an amazing and liberating feeling. Hopefully this is just a preview of what’s to come.

This weekend is full of a whole lot of nothing. Max is heading to an MSU alumni golf tournament, so I plan on kicking back, sipping on mimosas, not changing out of sweatpants (yes I’ll be showering) and enjoying a movie marathon with some of my favorite people. Sunday is all about checking things off the to-do list (and let’s be honest, still while in sweatpants). The list is never ending with a new home and a wedding on the horizon (and that’s just my spare time!). But it will be well worth it.

Friday Forte: Robbers– The 1975 (their album released this past Tuesday! Undo was not on it L but many other good songs were)

{seriously thinking of marching back to the mall and getting this for the champagne room!}

{trampoline time on Labor Day}

{The Great Gatspy… didn't see it in the theater, but knew that it would be a movie I want in my future DVD library}

{so ready for this in so many ways!}

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