Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Circuit Training – Session 9

For this month’s installment of Circuit Training, I thought it would be appropriate to use one of the P90X dvd’s that give ya some nice guns! Given that it’s wedding season the upper body is a very important area to focus on (probably the most important!) for long dresses.

Make sure you visit here to break it all down.

Dumbells (I usually use 10lbs-ers but occasionally get crazy and use 15)
Elastic band

8-12; 12-15 rep rules (sometimes 20)

Oh yeah, and when you’re all done… DO IT AGAIN! At least that’s what the DVD requires. HAVE FUN!

Standard Push Ups
Wide Front Pull Ups
Military Push Ups
Reverse Grip Chin Ups (with elastic band)
Wide Front Fly Push Up
Closed Grip Overhand Pull Up (with elastic band)
Decline Push Up
Heavy Pants (with dumbbells)
Diamond Push Ups
Lawnmower (with dumbbells)
Dive Bomber Push Up

Back Fly (with dumbbells)

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