Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Megan’s Last FLING before the RING

Alright, lame title, but it’s the best I could do…
Oh this weekend… was amazing! Friday night at Reserve for Wolverine FNO was more than I ever expected. It was the perfect way to kick off my bachelorette weekend… champagne & shoes hellooooooo (more to come on this).

Saturday started off with a relaxing FaceTime session with Court, followed by my trial hair and makeup, then The BOB to watch some of the Michigan State game while I waited for all to arrive at the hotel and continue the festivities. I walk into the hotel room to, almost, all of my favorite people (minus a few stragglers). I was so happy when the crowd dispersed to show my mom quietly sitting by the window. SURPRISE! It was so much fun having her there for at least part of the night. The whole day was unforgettable and makes the approaching day that much more real.  

So many pictures this night, but here are some of my favorites!


{sweetest message from Mom}

{pita bread bbq pizza - awesome!}

{this picture just makes me so happy!}

{some things on this list I DID NOT do}

{happy, and blurry, bachelorette!}

{it wouldn't be Club Eve if you didn't run into multiple other bachelorette parties!}

{this... turned into...}

{this! so typical}

{and then there was this... again blurry but maybe one of my favorite memories of the evening!}

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