Saturday, April 16, 2016

Around Bellewood - Office Revamp

A while back I painted the office or “my closet” and decided to do an entire blog post on how it came along. At that time I never thought it to be complete, simply “moving in the right direction”.

The past two weekends I have been tirelessly de-cluttering and organizing the house, per the KonMari method. As mentioned a couple of weeks ago this is something that has already caused a change in my life… a change for the better! Clearer mind. Clearer heart… All from a clearer HOME! I’m not done yet (still have to get Max 100% on board with his things), but we’re getting there. I feel a shift in the house that is like a breath of fresh air. Long story short, this inspired me to revamp my “office”. New desk, new lamp, and more of a streamlined décor. Who knows…? I might actually work in here on Wednesday’s as opposed to the couch… ha we’ll see!

See how it’s changed since the reveal last year.

I’ve also included some photos of what I see my future walk-in-closet/office once we move into home where I’m able to have a walk in closet… for now I’ll enjoy the space I have and decorate accordingly…(I won’t have this room forever…

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