Friday, April 15, 2016

Friday Five!

{nights with my fur baby}

Finally sunshine! After a week of daily rain/snow, low temps and heavy wind gusts, it was nice to find some relief from that this week. We had sunshine and temps above average! This weekend looks to be beautiful and I can’t wait for another couple of days off! I’m not sure what this weekend holds. Max has plans for us but I’m none the wiser at this point. I love surprises!

Friday Forte:

{(early) birthday present from Court! I’ve been looking for an army green and cinched jacket for months! Perfect for Spring}

{adorable succulent window at Cafe Integral}

{daily sweet treats from Alliance Patisserie in Chicago}

{MASSAGE CHAIR! Another early birthday present…. This baby is a long story, but he's here now and I plan on spending some quality time with this guy… name tbd.... SirFeelsAlot? }

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