Friday, April 8, 2016

Friday Five!

{#girlboss reading and Rosie nights}
What’s up with this April? Snow and cold. No Bueno. I guess as long as there are flowers by May I can’t complain… we’ve had a pretty mild winter here in the Midwest… so I shouldn’t complain! Crazy busy and awesome work week. Some awesome projects got off the ground that I’m super excited about! Stay tuned J

Tonight I’m off to Chicago for a sister weekend! I need this more than ever and can’t wait to spend some quality time together in our favorite city! Cheers!

Friday Forte:

{Max is a GENIUS at making the perfect egg bake souffle thingies ... Breakfast for lunch half this week!}

{channeling my inner Alexa Chung and finally got the black kicks I’ve been eyeing for months}

{the purse collection was missing one trend piece.. the bucket bag! This sale could not have come at a better time. I love the white for Spring!}

{baby Cohen and all his cuteness}

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