Friday, April 1, 2016

Instagram Life – March 2016

March always brings back great memories… Memories of college, friends, anniversaries and knowing that warmer weather is just around the corner. Figuratively speaking, this month had it’s warm times, but definitely it’s chilly times. I’m excited for warmer things to come!

** Took advantage of some fresh powder at Cannonsburg
** Sushi lunches catching up with friends
** Rosie loves her boxes
** WFF in Dallas! Life changing experience!
** Completely obsessed with Marie Kondo and her art of decluttering
** Happy 30th MJ!
** Lost my bow fishing virginity…
** Easter confetti
** Wine Club #22 at Bellewood… man I love these ladies!

Bring on the April showers! There is not a ton planned for the first half of this month, but look forward to continuing the spring cleaning/decluttering of the house. It’s making me feel better than anything right now and is something I need in my life at the moment. It’s providing great clarity that I would love to continue. Then the back half of April I’ll be traveling to Providence for work and have a potential East Lansing overnight with Max as a fun little get away. Cheers!

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