Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Lately with Rosie Lu

Rosie Lu is over 4 months old and almost 5 lbs. My baby girl has gotten so big! She’s more than doubled in size since we picked her up from the breeder and she’s an absolute nut around this house. There is not one place she doesn’t explore and she loves running from floor to floor, bounding multiple stairs at a time. She loves sleeping in bed with us and napping in between my legs. She loves Amazon boxes and Wednesday’s home with Mom. She loves standing right in front of the TV (on the TV stand) and watching sports. She loves tiny stuffed mice and playing hide and seek. She loves being in the bathroom with me in the mornings but hates baths. She loves the purple blanket and using her litter box right as I’m cleaning it. She does not beg for food and has had no accidents. She’s been to the vet twice and both times passed with flying colors. She’s my angel and I already can’t imagine life without her.

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