Tuesday, January 29, 2013

It's Carnival Season!

Mardi Gras (aka: Fat Tuesday) is exactly 2 weeks from today. 

The date it falls on varies from year to year because it's based upon the season of lent. 

Fat Tuesday is the last day you can gorge yourself on life's guilty pleasures before sacrificing said sins until Easter. 

Hell, I'm just in it for the colorful parades & drinking. 

This year will mark my 5th Mardi Gras, and my husband's 6th.  It's quite different from what one would expect watching YouTube videos & movies or listening to rumors from drunks reminiscing. 
Overall, the season is pretty family-oriented and drenched in history.

More on that later. 

Today I'll simply give a glimpse of how the city transforms to prepare for the biggest event of the year. 

Beads, beads everywhere! 
On people, on animals, on trees & on homes. 

Be careful, because you might even trip over beads on the sidewalk!

Locals search for months trying to find the perfect 
wigs, masks & costumes to wear 
to the parades--whether they're riding on a float 
or just  spectators. 

King Cake. 
A ring of cinnamon bread doused with icing & 
a ridiculous amount of colored sugar.  

This sinful pastry can be found in classrooms on a daily basis 
from now until the holiday. 

At my desk. Case in point.

And again, at a dinner party we went to this past weekend. 
The temptation never ends.

Hmmm...maybe mixed into Diet Coke

Ice cream?! Seriously?! Hubby & I simply couldn't refuse. 
Of course it tastes amAzing.

A fence outside my neighbor's house. Ours will look like this before long.

Simple & elegant
This family is smart. 
They've put up fences so drunks can't invade their property. This house is right on St. Charles, one of the main parade routes, 
therefore extremely busy for the next few weeks.

 The Superdome even gets in the spirit!

Can't have a carnival without a food truck!
This is one of DOZENS that line the streets.

Platforms are set up outside of popular restaurants 
along the parade route.

This sets me up for the next installment of the Mardi Gras Coverage: 

The Parades

I hope to include not only pictures of the stunning floats, 
but videos as well. 
The whole thing is madness, really.

In the meantime, try to find something purple or green
 to wear, because...


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