Monday, January 7, 2013

Nature or Nurture?

 I've heard parents compare behaviors and important milestones of second and third children to their first. As the kids grow up, pictures are held side by side and stories are repeated...everyone is trying to figure out if the characteristics are genetic, or factors in the children's upbringing. 
Well puppies--baby bullies to be exact--are no exception. I've combed through the quickly filling "baby album" for my two pups and ran across some interesting findings... 

(First, though, I found this ad online and couldn't help but laugh...this is exactly what I imagine goes through Jackson's head lately)

Puppy Jackson smacked people in the face...

Puppy Apple smacks Jackson in the face. 

Both know how to sit at attention when we shake the treat jar. 
(Synchronized begging)

Jackson in the car on his way home the very first day. 

Apple in the car on her way home the very first day. 

Jackson likes squirming on his back...

And Apple is starting to like this position, too. 
They both know how to be lazy on the couch. 

Super lazy.

 Monkey loves his daddy...
Monkey loves his mommy.
Apple loves her daddy...
Apple loves her mommy. 

 This would make a helluva Christmas card.  
I'd better start teaching them this trick now.

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