Thursday, January 17, 2013

DIY(ish) Instagram Calendar

So, when I saw this idea here, the first thing I thought was that, “Courtney would love this!” I got really excited and immediately read further onto the DIY portion of how to get it done. It looked simple enough so I decided to make one on a whim for my sister using Instagram pictures of her “first born”, Jackson. Plus, this was kicked off before I knew Apple would exist 24 hours later... 

After getting deeper into it, I realize that I am not very experienced in the DIY arena. It’s been years since I have participated in arts and crafts, and honestly, it takes major concentration for me to even cut in straight line. With that in mind, I decided to cheat and use an already constructed calendar that simply required stickers. One day I’ll have the guts to make it a REAL DIY project. But, in the meantime here are the steps I took for my simplified version:

  1. Order prints of your choice for each month. I loved using PostalPix because it was easy and you could do everything right from your phone! App is available on the iPhone and Android.
  2. Collect remaining supplies (I went to a local scrapbooking store): rubber cement, blank calendar, sticker numbers and the names of each month (or calligraphy pens if you’re daring), construction paper for cover, and whatever you want to use for the year.
  3. Use the Rubber cement to glue the Instagram pics on the cover of each months page, stick the numbers on each day of each month (extremely tedious, some were crooked, but it was worth the time), cover front with paper of your choice and the year (stickers... pen... whatever strikes your fancy).
  4. ENJOY!
Again, I cheated, so this wasn’t a TRUE DIY, but it was something that I had fun with and thought came out looking pretty good (considering). I only hope that it brings a smile to my sisters face every time she looks at it J

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