Monday, January 7, 2013

2013 – The Year of DIY’ing

  1)       Paint  swatch wall art

With the New Year here, and lack of holiday decorations, things feel a little… bare. I get this feeling every year after the decorations are taken down. There is an unfortunate emptiness. There are many walls that could just use… something. Not that I want to clutter by any means, but some projects would bring some warmth to the joint. With that being said, there are many DIY type projects I’ve been looking into for decoration. Here are some projects that I have in mind, decorative or otherwise, to work through in 2013.

3)       Sharpie Mug Set

4)       Favorite Quote Tote Bag (I would use song lyrics instead)

7)       Burlap inside a frame… use dry erase to write notes, lists, groceries, etc

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