Saturday, January 19, 2013

What's in Courtney's BACKPACK?

Growing up in southwest Michigan, it was called a backpack
Here in New Orleans, kids call it a booksack
When I taught in Chicago, they said, bookbag

No matter the term, it's my bag of choice Monday through Friday (and when I travel). I've tried carrying cool big purses, but no matter what, I always end up going back to my backpack, because for the amount of things I take with me to and from work, in addition to the type of quick (sometimes lengthy) movement required of me, this is just the most practical choice for me. 

So, to follow my sister's lead, here's a peek into the sacred, private world of my bag...

The piece I use the most.  My MacBook Air is more critical in my life than my phone--no joke. I got this adorable little brown & turquoise case from the Apple store last summer...keeps the other items in my backpack from scratching my prized possession. 

The Uncalendar is a thing of genius. I'm obsessed with this thing and, for people who need to write things down, despite the electronic shortcuts available to us, these planners are perfection.  
They come in red, black or navy. 

Not designed specifically for one profession, these planners come blank so you can use it any way that works for you.  

Plastic paper divider for lesson plans, student rosters, data reports and notes.  I also do have business cards, which I've found to be excessive. The charter school network I work for felt they were necessary. I rarely use them.
Teaching--well, any work with hundreds of dirty, hyper children--makes it hard to stay clean and fresh feeling all day.  Then, consider the days when you've got to look presentable for parent conferences, leadership meetings or school board presentations...basic personal hygiene products and makeup basics are a must. 

Meggie gave me this purse for my birthday a few years back. 
Love. It. 

This "wallet" is actually a business card holder that belonged to my dad. 
It's very small, very simple and is not even close to being a real wallet, but it is extremely special to me. I've used this for about 7 years now. 

Beauty basics in my purse: contact solution, comb, Chapstick & lip gloss, blonde bobby pins, and blush. 

Yup. All of that fits in here. I adore this bag, but the side pockets aren't quite big enough for my current coffee thermos...espcially not the new one I've got my eyes on.  

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