Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Love Nest!

So I am going to piggy back off Court’s post on her apartment and give a little glimpse into Max and my first place. We moved into this apartment a year and a half ago, and plan to be here at least another year (maybe more). This is by no means our final destination. It’s definitely a work in progress and I’ve even recently gotten to the point that I no longer want to invest in major pieces until we move into our first home. I won’t show every detail like Court did because, frankly, not everything is all that interesting, but here are the main areas:

{the kitchen is not nearly as big as we need and would like, which makes organizing a challenge – but since I’m never supposed to be in the kitchen when Max is, it serves it’s purpose… for now…}
{the most comfortable couch known to man – I LOVE our vaulted ceiling and having a fireplace, even if it is hard to get lit}
{fishies! They are too fat for their own good}
{large deck that holds our herb garden, large grill and smoker – smoking meat is a favorite Saturday morning activity for the boy}
{custom made shelving unit, courtesy of Max’s brother}
{State Room – a completely “green & white” room that holds our Michigan State University diplomas, various MSU landmark pictures, golf clubs, pictures with friends that are too college-y to put throughout the apartment, etc – basically this is our catch-all room with a Spartan theme}
{Dexter the Deer – not really a fan of this guy and he will most definitely be in the “man cave” in our future home, but I have gotten used to him and will occasionally say “good morning” as I get ready for work}

{the main part of our bedroom… a work in progress}
{hallway leading back to the spare section of our bedroom – Max’s bathroom and closet; not pictured for obvious reasons}
{the highlight – MY OFFICE – aka the Purple Palace; this holds all my girlie things that don’t fit into the theme of a mature couples apartment}
Future pieces I look forward to adding to our first house:
1. Entryway table for keys and love notes to reside
2. Dining room and end tables to match our custom made bookshelf
3. Something special for over our bed – perhaps a fancy backboard if I find one that meets our unique needs
4. A bench for the foot of our bed
Not pictured: laundry room, “chemical closet”, bathroom’s (we have 2), shed on our balcony.

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