Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sensational Sunday

This week kicks off my first long break of the school year. We get the entire week of Thanksgiving off, and feel very lucky to have it. It's a chance to rest, recharge, and plan for a successful wrap up of the second quarter of the year. After Christmas break, it's usually pretty smooth sailing.

I started my day with a (slightly painful, but rejuvenating nonetheless) 10 mile run this morning, followed by a trip to the store to stock up for this week's kitchen experiments.

This afternoon, I'll be primping my many household plants until they're pretty enough to be photographed for an upcoming post.

Finally, in between chapters of the new book I'm reading (arrived in the mail just in time for vacation), I'll be cleaning the apartment to prepare for guests throughout the week.

I really can't think of a better way to spend a Sunday.  

In the spirit of Meg's Friday Five, here are some ideas, images and people brightening my day...things that will hopefully continue to shine all week long.

Those who know me well will understand why this means so much to me.  I'm also a fan of many of his books. 

Monkey, of course. 

 My wonderful husband and the life we've built together. 

My gorgeous sister.  Beautiful friend. Amazing person. 

Imagining visiting places like this...

And this.  

May your Sunday be as peaceful and fulfilling as mine is.  

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