Monday, November 26, 2012

Friday Five! (on Monday...)

Thanksgiving could not have been more relaxing. I was able to enjoy time with friends and family over great food, cocktails and conversation (ending the evening with a few friendly games of pool, or darts, or Uno, is just icing on the cake). Even though I didn’t have a chance to post my Friday Five last week, I would still like to share… obviously. Other than Thanksgiving Day, my weekend was jam packed, filled with finally seeing this, Christmas cookie making (which was even more lively than usual) and a few MSU victories!

Here are five (or six) things that made me happy this last week:

{Christmas cookies J}
{tea party with my favorite 2 year old}
{chocolate + magical center piece at the wedding last weekend}
{fun market that has everything from eclectic groceries to wacky clothes and nic nac’s; not to mention, the grocery store portion holds the largest selection of gourmet cheeses I’ve ever seen!}
{the ridiculous line at Menna's after a Wednesday-bar-night-before-Thanksgiving}
{catching up on blogs and enjoying a bloody mary... pre cookie making chaos}
 xx Meg

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