Thursday, November 29, 2012

Packing Frenzy

With Mexico only a couple days away I have so much to do in preparation for the trip AND to leave work for an entire week (something I’ve never done in my professional career and the only thing I’m dreading about this vacation…the work load that will be waiting for me when I return). With that being said, my OCD tendencies have kicked in full force and I’ve been working off a daily hand written to-do list with everything categorized and color coded to stay on track (I was serious about the OCD).

With all of that being said, surprisingly, I am a notorious over-packer and tend to simply throw a bunch of things into a suitcase, without any rhyme or reason. You know the feeling when you’re somewhere other than home and you realize that the one thing you want to wear is hanging in your closet back at home? Yeah, that’s what my over packing tendencies are trying to avoid. The result: over-STUFFING my suitcase with countless articles of clothing, most of which, I don’t even end up wearing. Since the overhead compartment is only so large, I decided to take a more organized approach for this trip and pack around planned outfits; rather than anything that will fit. Luckily warm weather clothes take up less space than cold weather clothes… so I can pack more options!

 Here are some of my piles:
{I always love packing my carry-on and travel day clothes the most… not sure why - electronics, snacks, socks etc* and one large awesome purse}
{beach time necessities - suits, fedora, cover-ups, sunnies}
{shoes – can’t go without at least 1 pair of heels}
{simple bottoms that go with any tank or tee}
{wispy tops, perfect for the tropics in December}
*The rat in the carry-on image is Eugene. He is a Mascot of sorts and travels around with our friends all over the world. He's already been ALL over Europe, Africa and United States. He even climbed Mount Kilmanjaro!
xx Meg

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