Monday, April 8, 2013

Megan’s Spring Wish List

It seems other people can blog about their wish lists. Well, so can I!

It’s no secret that I love online shopping. What girl doesn’t?! I, personally, blame Pinterest. I never bought a lot of things online until that site was introduced to the world. You see one thing you like and BOOM, it’s like a domino effect. One site leads to another, leads to another, etc etc. This equals a downward spiral of spending for Megan. Bad news bears. 

But, just because I buy a lot of things online doesn’t mean I order everything that tickles my fancy (if that were the case Max and I would be homeless). Here are some of the things I’m currently lusting after:

{the perfect trench coat}

{taco shirt - Cinco de Mayo HELLOOOOO!}
{bamboo stationary - I have a lot of Thank You notes to address in the coming months}

{it's all about spring cleaning}

{Mr& Mrs Stamp - will make the Thank-You cards SO much easier!}

Note: I’m not saying that I will NEVER purchase any of these things, but in the spirit of my New Years resolutions, I’ve been simply keeping record of everything I like, not buying it on the spot. In a few months, if it’s still something I love or need, perhaps an investment will be made (with my monthly allotment of course!)… until then, there’s no harm in looking!

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