Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday Five!

{tickets purchased for Detroit in November!!}

So, I've determined that on the weekend, sans plans, I am a totally different person than that of my go-go-go attitude self during the week. I'm tired, lazy and USELESS. This past weekend was no exception. Since I had no solid plans to speak of, I had all of these grandiose ideas to clean, relax and catch up on wedding stuff. Well, the relaxing part is the only "task" that won out and resulted in me being a complete waste of space. In any event, these past five days were spent doing all of the tasks that were meant for last weekend. Oh well. It happens.... I'll try to not repeat this in the future (often...).

This weekend we are registering! We’ve never done this before, so it’s a little overwhelming… luckily there is a checklist to use as a starting point. Thank god! Or we would be lost...  Anywho, I know it will be a blast once we get started and I’m so looking forward to this experience together. He'll take care of the kitchen, and I'll take care of... well everything else. Afterwards, we're celebrating with a visit here to catch up with some of our people (let the Grand Rapids Brewery tour continue). 

Friday Forte: Ner - Fredrik (Stella's spooky ambiance)

{iced coffee in my most favorite new mug... obsessed - check out sister and bro-in-law at the top}

{jeans day Friday supporting Relay for Life}

{Funky Buddha words of wisdom}

{donut love to make this Friday even more indulgent}

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