Thursday, April 18, 2013

Impromptu Bar Crawl

A couple of weeks ago, with no other plans, Max and I decided to have a two person bar crawl downtown Grand Rapids. I don’t know if we intended to have this happen upon leaving the house, but regardless, it was an amazing way to spend a windy, dreary Saturday afternoon/early evening. My goal of visiting every downtown bar with Max is becoming more and more of a reality. It’s looking like Grand Rapids will be our home for a WHILE so I want to make sure I know the town inside and out. This city has so much to offer and I’m LOVING the exploring part of it. Especially since Max is getting more comfortable with venturing downtown (THANK GOD!).

The day started out in Eastown here, ending downtown here, stopping by here, here, and here in between (yes, we got a cab home!!).

{completely local truffle fries w. peppercorn honey mustard!}

{best edamame and martini's in town}

{I don't know why I like skulls so much...}

{ending the night on a sweet note ;)}

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