Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My Office

Since living far, far away from home, the family and I like to provide each other with lots of visuals from our lives.

These include changes we make in our homes, new clothes, haircuts, neighborhoods, and work spaces.

I talk to my mom at least one morning a week on the way to work, and recently she said she was unable to picture me at work because she hadn't seen my office yet.

Well, wonder no more...

When I walk in my door, this is what I see. 

This is the office for the Division Heads--there are 3 of us at my school--so I share the space. 

From left: Pictures of my children, figurine of Chicago that my mom got me on a business trip a long time ago (it finds a spot on every desk I have), picture from our wedding day, picture of mom and I in South Haven when I was...3 or 4 years old. My students always get a kick out of seeing Mrs. U when she was a little girl. 

The desk of the person right next to me. I ADORE her, but she's not so neat. Sometimes I find myself organizing her desk...and she happily allows it...she gets me. 

Essentials for starting each morning: 
Coffee thermos & mug,  banana, water bottle (thanks, mom! I took that from your basement on my recent visit!), my binder with the week's notes & reminders, my computer (duh) and my favorite pen 
(not shown: walkie talkie & whistle).

Believe it or not, there is a very specific purpose for each one of these binders....and I foresee about 4 more developing before the year is over. This has been a yearlong project for me: I've collected resources for teachers in 4 different grades...such a vast collection must be organized in a purposeful way. Though this library will never truly be complete, I am much more equipped to serve as an instructional coach to teachers of PreK-2nd grade. 

Exhibit A

 The two student desks are for when kids come in to my office to cool down...they sit there and either talk to me or work on word searches, coloring sheets, mazes or read a book until they're ready to talk to me. This is something new I implemented and it's been pretty effective. 

Posted on the obscenely large heating & air conditioning unit is:
Student data, schedules, state protocol flowcharts and, of course, more pictures.

Next to the picture of the doggies is a picture of grandpa.
My students have all been writing me notes and making cards since finding out that he passed. In their culture, many of them are being raised by grandparents, so they have a keen sense of what it's like to lose one.

Finally, here I am in my office. 
The angle of the picture is not for artistic affect...a student took it. 

I have to say that no matter how hard my days can sometimes be (and I admit, I complain a LOT) you just can't beat 
spending nine hours a day with kids. 
They they're like a breath of fresh air. 
They help you put your life into perspective.   
They make you laugh, you miss them when you're sick and have to stay home, and they make you so glad you chose the profession. 

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