Saturday, April 13, 2013

Home in New Orleans

 Last week was the final presentation of a program put on for our middle school students.

Our assistant principal was awarded a $25,000 grant for an arts program to be put on in our school including poetry, dance, paining and photography.

All elements were to reflect the rich cultural layers of our city.

The program was named Home in New Orleans.

We were so proud of the students' hard work for the past 6 months, the artwork and the performances were truly inspiring...but the best part was the pride in their eyes.

The event took place in the McKenna Museum of African American Art in the CBD (Central Business District) of New Orleans.
The museum is a converted old Southern mansion. 

I love this one. Courtyard in the French Quarter.

                            These are the kids who took the pictures.

On that boy's hand is "I love NOLA" written in pen.

Paintings looked perfect displayed on the brick walls.

Once their poems were blown up to poster size, 
they added personal touches.

Children's paintings displayed just like in a professional gallery.

Photo of a door in the French Quarter with the trademark tile address numbers. I'll take one, please!

One student hand-wrote her poem. 

This was one of my favorites. The black you see in front is part of a classic wrought iron fence enclosing a NOLA estate.  

It reminds me of the view from which I admire these homes every day.  My neighborhood is full of them.

I'm going to see if I can purchase a few of the kids' photographs (including the courtyard & door pics), to start a fundraiser for next year's program.

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